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Started by BannerSpread 2016-09-27 at 22:41
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Hi. I’m here to present the BannerSpread project. This project born with the necessity to get an easy and good way to promote services and affiliate websites. After an analysis, there’s not anywhere a good and free solution for this. So we thought create a new platform for this effect, but we have seen many people searching for this, so we created this platform to be used by everyone. This way, everything starts in BannerSpread.

[B]BannerSpread[/B] allows every member, totally free, to create a page to promote affiliate websites, promote your own work or any other kind of service where banners are essential.

With this totally free service there are many options to have success. Imagine a Banner Designer. When tries to find a client, it’s a must have a way to show his work. Send many images to future costumers could be annoying and worthless. This way we allow any user to create a page and setup some banners. This way it’s only needed to send the page link to the costumer.

· Totally free;
· Clean and Professional Design;
· Custom page name;
· Custom page text;
· Create pages for banners with 468x60 size;
· Create pages for banners with 125x125 size;
· Detailed Stats;
· Unlimited pages;
· Unlimited associated banners;
· Mobile Friendly;

In a way to help you promoting, we share a second example. This one is a PTC (Paid to Click) user. Those users usually promote affiliate banners. So, can you imagine to possibility of conversion of showing 10 banners instead of 1? This way that user can promote more than one platform each time! This will be an advantage. This way the user avoid any costs associated with webhosting and domain names to have a similar page!

Why BannerSpread?
As we wrote before, there’s nothing in the market valuable, with simplicity and of course, [B]free[/B]! So we made a little research and present you some advantages:

· Totally Free – No taxes, payments, hidden fees, subscriptions! Every user have the same benefits;
· Unlimited Pages;
· Create Pages for 468x60 or 125x125 sizes. We value the choice of members. For some reasons, one specific size would perform better;
· Clean and Professional Design – If you show a professional page, you are half way to get a conversion;
· Mobile Friendly – Nowadays mobile is so helpful as a Desktop or Laptop. This way we made our website Mobile Friendly;
· No Limits! – Don’t be stuck to anything that limit you. Here, who decides and choses what to promote is you!

After this presentation and reinforcing the free service, ever and forever we are able to innovate. If you find any suggestion that you might have will be take in very seriously consideration. Every comment is a step for this project grow.

Suggestions of Use
· Direct link sent to costumer/client
· Promote in PTC’s (you will waste money once and will be able to promote many platforms)
· Promote in [I]short links [/I](you will waste money once and will be able to promote many platforms)

This way the imagination is the limit. Finally, we share some optimization features if you use BannerSpread service.

· Don’t mix platforms – If you want to promote your work (banner design for example) and affiliate platforms (PTC/RevShare), create two pages. One page will show your work and the other will promote your affiliate links. Mix two distinct subjects could lead to conversion issues;
· Not so much! Be aware the number of banners you add in a single page. We don’t limit the maximum number of banners associated to a page, but maybe it could be better if you have two pages of 12 banners then one page of 24. Many banners could turn in less conversion opportunity. It’s better if you create two “clean” pages and promote each one at a time.

Visit BannerSpread

You can see an example of the two pages you could create:
Page with 468x60 banners
Page with 125x125 banners

Visit BannerSpread

We appreciate the time so we could present our service. We alert the service is totally free and you can use it as you wish.